Thursday, August 9, 2012

In the News...

Alright, vacation is over, back to work folks!

Jim got interviewed by Gerard Ungerman of Respectful Revolution last week. He and his partner have started a not-for-profit advocacy project documenting positive, small-scale projects from people across the US. These range from social justice issues, healthy living, food distribution and hunger, or energy efficiency, to name a few. There are so many people out there with unique and inspriring ideas and projects!

Gerard's motorcycle broke down in Prescott and he somehow heard about us and came to see what we were up to! To be honest, we were surprised he wanted to talk to us. We didn't think we were doing anything special, but it was nice to discuss healthy food, small-scale gardening/farming, and community  work. The concept of his documentary are that no project or idea is too small, and that together, at a grass-roots level, we can make a lot of positive things happen.

If you want more information on this inspiring and uplifting project, visit
Stay tuned and follow Gerard's journey at

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