Monday, August 27, 2012

Everyone needs a goat

I have to say I was a little suspicious at first.
Goats? Aren't they loud and smelly?  Well, the guys are, but the girl-goats are awesome. Antigua Farms has three pygmy goats 'on loan.' They don't smell and you can hardly hear them. Still not convinced?

Here are the top 7 reasons everyone should own a goat:
1. They are cute as hell
2. They entertain your children for extended periods of time
3. They eat unwanted grass, weeds, and greens that you would otherwise compost
4. They'll help trim your trees for a fire-wise yard
5. Their poop makes great fertilizer for your garden
6. Their poop also keeps javelinas away
7. They give you milk!
Lovely javelina repelent


It's quite amazing, one little pygmy goat can produce over a pint of milk per day. The milk is incredibly rich and there is so much of it, we need to find ways to store it and preserve it.

I made yogurt, which was actually quite simple but to be honest, was pretty strong. So still in the works, I am trying to make goat cheese... You can buy supplies very easily online, from yogurt makers, to strainers, cheesecloth, thermometers, and even various bacteria and molds.

Somewhat uncharted territory for me, but if I somehow create some homemade 'crottins de chevre,' or some 'Reblochon,' I'll be a happy expat.

Thomas milking Twilla

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