Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Flower Power

Growing a food garden means more than just a plot full of vegetables. We've had weeds up the wazoo but some of them are actuallyquite colorful. And the blooms from our veggies have been gorgeous, and in some cases, edible. Here is a collection of pictures from our unexpected flower garden.

Scarlet Mallow- technically a weed.

Morning Glory- definitely a weed.

Little sunflower, can you spot the bee?

Arugula blooms-
add them to salads for a colorful, peppery, touch.

Tomatillo bloom
Alfafa blooms- pollinators love them!

Anyone know what this is?

Amaranth- seeds were a staple food source
in the prehistoric southwest

Squash blossoms-
considered a delicacy when stuffed and fried!

Eggplant blooms

The almighty sunflower