Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Men at Work

OK, so credit needs to be given where credit is due. And it's overdue. A big shoutout to all the strong gardeners who have helped and worked so hard these last few months at Antigua farms!

Although I like to discuss the progress of this gardening endeavor via my cute little blog, I think it's only fair that the people actually doing 99% of the work should be acknowledged!

So here we go with the acceptance speech; the 2012 Garden Awards go to...

Jim and lots of little jalapenos

Jim! It's all his fault really, he saw the opportunity and investment in buying the land, fixing up the old house and turning a giant mass of weeds into a gardenHe's worked long and hard to build fences, gates, a greenhouse, and a shed; mend beds, turn the soil, weed, compost, sow seeds, and water the plants! The garden would not exist if it weren't for him.

Thomas in the cornfield

From left to right; Hercules, Caitlin, and Booty

Thanks to Thomas and Caitlin, the kickass duo that comes everyday to feed and milk the goats, and take care of all 50 chickens, that walk our equine friend Hercules, and who both work at several other gardens too! Thank you to Ted, who helped fix fences and build the greenhouse. And Frank who comes daily to share his knowledge and grow food. Thanks to Sean who spent all spring and summer watering, seeding, and weeding. And many thanks to all the volunteers who have come these last few months to help plant seeds, transplant our starts, and water the growing beds. You guys all rock!

Frank and many volunteers at our garden party in March

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