Sunday, June 24, 2012

A 'hole' lot of chicken

Here is the recipe you should follow for a superb saturday get-together, a farm-party, and a bbq with a twist.

If you want to eat well, share food with good people, and appreciate where it comes from; this is it. Just follow these simple (but hard-working) steps:

0. Allbeit not a necessary step, plucking and processing a chicken was an interesting experience to witness... If you wanna eat meat, you should know how it gets on your plate.

1. Dig a hole. Or better yet, have someone dig a hole for you. If you are married to an archaeologist, your hole will be a perfect rectangle that measures 1m by 1.5m by 0.5 m.

2. Cover the bottom of the hole with river cobbles.

3. Build a fire on top of the rocks.

4. Once you fire has turned to charcoal, remove all the wood/charcoal/debris but leave the hot rocks.

5. Cover the rocks with fresh grass.

6. Place your food directly on the grass, or if it gets sticky you can cover it in aluminum foil too. Veggies, meat, anything goes. The more food the better!

7. Add more grass on top and then cover everything evenly.
8. Pour about 5 gallons of water over the whole affair.
9. Quickly cover up your hole. We used corrugated tin for a quick airtight 'roof' and added dirt on top.

10. Leave your hole alone for about 4 hours. Your food is steaming and cooking. Go grab a beer.

12. Uncover your hole and see what you got!

13. Have a party.

14. Thank the yummy chickens.

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