Saturday, June 16, 2012

Do we come from monkeys?

This is a question that, unfortunately, I have to explain and defend on a semi-regular basis. How does this relate to ecologics? Well, in order to understand our role, if any, on this big planet, we need to know where we came come. Making smart decisions when it comes to our health and our environment starts by understanding how we fit on this earth. And the answer is not 'poof, we magically appeared here.'

Because I work in archaeology; over the years many people have asked me about:
1. Dinosaurs (that's paleontology)
2. Rocks and volcanoes (that's geology)
3. Monkeys (that's primatology)
4. Aliens and Egyptian pyramids (that's crap)
5. Indiana Jones (no, I don't usually dig up crystal skulls)
6. Evolution

"Well I'm not a monkey, that's for sure. You're a scientist, explain evolution to me"
Well here you have it, I came across this yesterday. Evolution 101, enjoy!


  1. Nice post. I can't imagine the questions you must get.... I'll pretend I'm another student of yours: what was the role of the pineal gland in human evolution?

  2. when I was in South Africa (studying Australopithecus etc) I had some super interesting discussions with the local,non-scientist folks about evolution and religion

    I was surprised at how accepting most people were to the concept of evolution and creationism (it didn't really bother them to believe in both at the same time); I think Americans are just plain close-minded in general about these concepts

  3. Well, like a lot of questions I get, I'd have to say, I am not sure of about the pineal gland. Let me look into it and get back to you! I just went and looked it up, but it sounds like you know more about it than I do!! It sounds like a part of the brain that is yet to be understood, right? Does it secrete a substance when you are dying? I guess the controversy is that it is that gland that 'creates' the near death experiences that some people have...
    About human evolution in general, it's amazing how little our culture knows really. People don't understand how humans got to the New World, what the role of early humans were in our own evolution, etc.