Sunday, April 15, 2012


I get all excited when starting projects and I have a tendency to let things fizzle out. And that's what happened with this blog. It started because of I had a lot of questions about food and health. Maybe it was triggered by having kids, or being more active, or just more curious.

Our lifestyle has changed a lot in the last few years:
We've multiplied.
We've grown plant matter.
We've gotten sick.
We've gotten healthier.
We've gotten cynical.

So what triggered the blog excitement again?
1. Guilt (hi mom).
2. We started a community farm (more on that later)
3. This frigging sticker I saw today in the produce aisle.

Yonanas? I mean come on.
I'm buying a banana because I want to eat a banana.
If I wanted ice cream, I'd have bought ice cream...

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