Friday, April 27, 2012

Chips Ahoy!

So I scored today and got a GIANT trash bag full of greens (90% kale).

Definitely an awesome dumpster-diving experience that I will talk about in more detail later.

For now the point is: I got a crap-ton of kale to use pronto. What do I do?

OK, you can give some away (4 families and 2 goats got a lot of greens), you can freeze it for soups etc (did that), you can eat it (veggie lasagna at dinner), you can juice it (kale/celeri/apple juice at lunch), or you can make, ... kale chips!

Yeah. Sounds funky or let's be honest here, it just does not sound good. It doesn't even look so hot once you're done. But it's actually flavorful, easy to make, and yummy.

This is what you need:

- 50lbs of kale (or less)
- Salt/pepper/garlic powder
- Olive oil
- Parmesan, or hot sauce, soy sauce, etc.


1. Strip the stems off the kale and cut the leaves up in little squares.
2. Mix together 1tbsp of olive oil, spices, and a couple of handfuls of kale in a plastic bag.
3. Place the kale on a cookie sheet (try not to layer the leaves). Bake at 350 degrees for about 6 minutes.

You can pull out the sheet and toss up the leaves halfway through so both sides get toasty.
Be careful, it cooks quickly!
Take the kale out when it is starting to turn brown on the edges. 

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  1. Good job on the kale chips. They are very, very good.