Monday, April 16, 2012

Fashionable Fitness

OK, I bought old magazines at the library last week. 10 cents for a month-old version of "Redbook."


I never buy magazines and I know that I am waaaaay out of the loop when it comes to celebrities, makeup, or fashion.

I am trying to think of  a way to justify posting this under my little eco-logics stick, and I guess I'll say that misinformation about food, health, diet, and exercise nowadays is insane. So I thought I would give you the highlights of what I found amazingly stupid while leafing through this thing.

How much bs can you cram in 100 pages? Well first off, you can cram about 70 pages of advertising... But first, this is what you learn when you read the articles:

And just fyi, I am quoting directly here:

Redbook poll asks:
- "What is the grossest thing you've ever done for your kid?
Answer: Giving birth in and of itself was pretty gross."
Really? Maybe if you haven't been through the 'process' you might think it's gross, but honestly, it's hard for me to imagine that women who had kids didn't all think that what they did was super-awesome.

- "Do you have a bank account that your husband does not know about?
32% said yes"
I don't even know what to say about this one...

Then, while reading through the so-called Health section:
- "The bigger your chest, the higher your risk of type 2 diabetes, note findings from part of the Nurse's Health Study, which followed 90,000 women for 20 years."
Hmm, I'm kinda thinking your cup-size does not correlate with diabetes; being overweight does.

- "If your little one is anti-broccoli, spinach, and veggies in general, it's ok to surrender and stop stressing. [the study] found that picky eaters met the same calorie and nutrient quotas as veggie-loving kids."
Oh ok, so let's just not give our kids healthy food then, I say let's not even try. Hello chicken nuggets!

- "Not all tube-watching is a waste of time, research suggests that certain programs may actually have health benefits for you and your family. [...] people who watched nature scenes felt more energetic and charitable."
You know what also makes you more energetic? Actually going outdoors.

-Butt Workout at work. "Slide your desk chair back from your desk a bit and scoot forward n the seat a few inches. Press your legs together [...] hover for 30 seconds, squeezing your butt and ab muscles for support."
This should make you popular at work. Or you know how you could get a workout? Actually working out.

So there you have it. And now I leave you with a final example of the awesome advertising for prehistoric snacks. I somehow thought these would be more of the dead-mammoth kind. Thanks for all advice Redbook.

Smart and marshmallow-snack should not be in the same sentence

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