Monday, June 27, 2011

Fast Food McFacts

There have been many books and documentarires in the last few years documenting the state of the food industry in the US, the mingling of agriculture and politics, dubious marketing strategies, conflict of interests, and the business of food in general.

And we all know how bad fat food is for us. Well sort of. Not really actually. It's pretty crazy once you start looking at the fast food industry in more depth. The ugly truth encompasses the quality of the food, the health consequences, the attitude toward employees, or the lobbying practices. There is hardly anything redeeming about it, even the Ronald McDonald houses are shady. I'm serious, I used to eat fast food every once in a while, but now when I have the urge, I picture the 100+ mashed up cows that make up my ground beef patty.

Notable movies include Food, Inc., Fast Food Nation, and Supersize Me, if you haven't watch these documentaries, go add them to your netflix queue right now! They have brought awareness to the state of our relationship with food in the US and hopefully have changed some people's minds and habits (it worked for me!).

I guess I'll give you my spiel on organic and local food later, but this following strip pretty much sums up some of the crazy facts about fast food. This really is only the '101 of Fast Food Facts.' There is more to disclose, unfortunately!

At least for now, I present to you; the good, the bad, and the McUgly.

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