Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cheap Books and Free Volts

On our last trip to Tucson we stopped at the local "Bookman's," which for those of you not from Arizona, is a store that sells second-hand books, movies, music, and video games. It has become a trendy place to hang out, browse their magazine section, and check in on local events, bands, and cool happenings in town.

They have stores in Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff and seem to have been able to shift their marketing and reinvent themselves over the years to overcome the hurdles that larger bookstores have had to deal with, such as the event of online music downloads, the arrival of netflix, and Kindle-type books. Personally, I think trading and buying used books and CDs is super eco-logic and I honestly don't remember the last time I bought a brand new book. Actually, I do. It was Harry Potter.

"Free Electric Vehicle Charging Station"

Anyway... as we parked our gas-guzzling mini van in the parking lot, we noticed the giant sign that was painted on their front windows.

That's right, they have a free electric charging station at their store! I asked an employee; they say they get about one client per month that comes and charges their car. I guess in a sense it is not a lot, but it really brings the concept of the eletric car to the forefront, shows passersby what it could mean to own an one, and is a great marketing strategy for a company that in a way promotes recycling and conservation of natural resources.

And it makes me want to buy an electric car!

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We tested it for you, and yes, it works!


  1. Great post! Nashville, TN is trying to incorporate the whole "energy-conscience" attitude which is great since the city is growing at a very rapid rate. In the past year, these charging stations have popped up in areas like Whole Foods Market as well as some of the more trendy areas. I did see one in a church parking garage just recently and am glad to see that they are growing in popularity.

  2. Love the shirt too Jim!