Thursday, March 24, 2011


We just came back from a beautiful vacation in Mexico, where I pondered life while staring at the big blue expanse of water in front of me. And although items such as beer, pretzels, and pancakes were consumed in rather large quantities, we also ate some healthy and super ecologic dishes. Cheap, in some cases free, local, and fresh, fresh, fresh.

Not to sound overly cheesy, but it’s nice to connect directly with the food you eat; either with the people who bring the food to you or the animals that make up what you are about to eat. Sorry, I'm coming back from vacation and now I'm feeling philosophical and nostalgic I guess!

A stroll along the peer gave us some fresh shrimp.
They turned into this:

A morning sitting in the kayak, watching the seagulls, and daydreaming.
It turned into this:

Which then turned into this:

And finally into this:

The tortillas were still steaming hot when we bought them from the local market.
And they turned into this:

¡Buen provecho!

Man I want to go back
We don't need to work do we?
We could just fish all day instead...


  1. Is that sea bass? I do think the tastiest fish I've had was fresh off the coast of Mexico. Well, will have to resort to fish oil capsules in the meantime!