Friday, March 4, 2011

Aha! and Huh? (No. 1)

So, I’ve decided to share with you pictures or pieces of info on the state of eco-logics in the world today. Anything goes, cool local projects, statewide politics, international relations, etc. To try and make it even, I’ll look for a positive piece of info so we can feel happy about our fellow humans and their actions, as well as a weird or dumb one for entertainment purposes.

If you would like to share happy, silly, or dumb eco pictures, please send them my way and I’ll post them!

So here we go with our first duo:

I’ve been working for over a year at our local Liberal Arts College and just this week noticed how ecologic it was. Solar panels, xeriscaping, rainwater harvesting, etc.

The entire terracing behind the college is made with recycled asphalt. A little dreary in the winter, but they use the area to grow veggies that they then sell on campus. Great idea, good job Prescott College!

The news has been highlighting the increasing food prices in the US, trying to show the tough decisions Americans are facing when shopping. Here is the picture from the front page of the MSN a few days ago.

I don’t disagree with the topic of their article at all, but come on, pick a better picture. The woman is holding 3 bottles of soda and looking at cake mixes. Apparently, the recession is not that bad, she still has enough money to buy junk food.

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